Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Venus & Adonis is upon us

Although Peter Farey disagrees, Terry Ross claims that no one has (been confused by, or) misread the following list item on his website

> > > > > 1593 (Q1 Venus and Adonis; registered April 18)
> > > > > "William Shakespeare" (signature to dedication)
> > > > > (printed by Richard Field) (Poems, 3, 5, 369)

Which implies that the name WS was in print on April 18, 1593.

In fact, it was Bookburn's confusion earlier in the thread that spawned the discussion:

"VA, which was registered 18 April 1593, has no author's name
on the title page, but on the next page has "William Shakespeare" following the dedication. This was six weeks BEFORE M's death on May 30th of that year."

Bookburn apparently believed that the name appeared six weeks before CM's alleged death. Who knows how many more have thought so because of the crafty way the information is presented (including possibly Prof. Jonathan Bate, who got it wrong in Mike Rubbo's documentary).

Will Terry change the listing, so it's not misleading? Peter's suggestion sounds good,

> > > 1593 (Q1 Venus and Adonis)
> > > "William Shakespeare" (signature to dedication)
> > > (Printed by Richard Field between 18 April, when it
> > > was registered anonymously, and 12 June, when it is
> > > first known to have been purchased) (Poems, 3, 5, 369)

Maybe Bob Grumman could offer an improvement. Or Terry. Or Elizabeth Weir ... speaking of whom...

Yo Liz, What Gives?

One of my favorite posters at HLAS disappeared from view when I asked her to produce evidence that her man, Francis Bacon, wrote Venus and Adonis and Rape of Lucrece She's working on it, she says . . . here.

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