Saturday, May 24, 2003

All Quiet on the Marlowe Front

Peter FareyAfter a series of stunning victories, HLAS Marlowe-guru Peter Farey (click on his photo at left) has temporarily retreated, undoubtedly doing further research to shore up the already formidable case he makes on his website.

When last heard from, Elizabeth Weir was "working on" the case for Bacon as author of Venus & Adonis and Rape of Lucrece. If anyone can do it, Elizabeth can, but I doubt it's possible, because she has to include the possibility of collaboration with Marlowe (who's Hero and Leander contains demonstrable echoes of the earlier poems. It's a complicated argument, presented ... here.)
If they collaborated once, they might collaborate again.

Lyra is drifting along on his/her bonnie boat.

Terry RossMeanwhile, Terry Ross (click on his picture) is ignoring the obvious need to clarify the reference to the name Shakespeare in 1593 on his website (along lines suggested by Farey), since it implies that the name was included in the registration and people have been confused by it (see below).

David Webb (and the rest of the Stratford-minded posters) ignored my query/statement about Bacon and Jonson, and possibly Florio, editing the First Folio of Shakespeare Plays in 1622-23--either because they think it is a ridiculous question (which it isn't), or they don't want to admit for publication that the Folio was edited by anyone other than the actors, Heminge and Condell. Or maybe they just don't like me.

This blogging commentary is new to HLAS, as far as I know. Through it, I'm hoping to weave the evidence gathered and evaluated by that learned body over the years into a convincing argument for Marlowe in these pages, and thereby demonstrate to the world at-large the legitimacy of his claim to fame as (the concealed author) Shakespeare.

And that's how I plan to spend my summer vacation.

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