Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thereby hangs a tail/tale

Darby Mitchell's essay, ''And thereby hangs a tail/tale': the Memoirs of an Arse Poetica' is available on disk at or from the author.

Mitchell's theory is based on her discovery of a diary by a Richard Boyle, THE LISMORE PAPERS.

She writes "This strange diary is written in verbal circles. In it the narrator arrives in Ireland for the first time -- twice in Ireland twice. The first arrival is probably the true date for the arrival of the real Richard Boyle; the second arrival occurs two weeks after the supposed death of Marlowe at Deptford. Thus there seem to be two Richard Boyles. "

Published to day Google Groups (humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare) Shakespeare authorship controversy/Marlowe

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coalition aims to expose Shakespeare - Yahoo! News

Coalition aims to expose Shakespeare:
"Acclaimed actor Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance, the former artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London, unveiled a 'Declaration of Reasonable Doubt' on the authorship of Shakespeare's work Saturday, following the final matinee of 'I am Shakespeare,' a play investigating the bard's identity, in Chichester, southern England. . . .

The declaration put forward by the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition — signed online by nearly 300 people — aims to provoke new research into who was responsible for the plays, sonnets and poems attributed to the writer.

Jacobi and Rylance presented a copy of the document to William Leahy, head of English at Brunel University in west London and head of the first graduate program in Shakespeare Authorship Studies, which begins this month."

" -- - Yahoo! News