Thursday, May 08, 2003

Paging Christopher Marlowe

The following was posted yesterday to HLAS by "lyra", who wrote:

I'm adding to the thread I wrote lately, on this subject, the following from John Baker...Subject: Re: Faunt of knowledge ...2000/06/19

Sidney was there too. And for good reasons I have suggested that young Marlowe was Sidney's page and thus was also there in the flesh. Here are the reasons. A page begins at about age seven and Marlowe was seven. Marlowe is missing from Canterbury until 1579, seven years later, when he reappears ready to attend the KS's. Marlowe father never counted on Chris to be a shoemaker and hired his own apprtces in the absence of young Chris..something none of the biog. have noticed, but important nevertheless. His father had an undisclosed source of income and something that made him self important, but about which he couldn't talk. I think it was his son's job. Someone pays his fees at the K.S.


my notes to this...

1. Seven was the age Christopher Marlowe was when William Parr died... who is likely to be Christopher Marlowe's real father.
This would leave him without his father's help, and indeed no Will was ever found.

2. Marlowe's (Canterbury) father would indeed not have counted on him to be a shoemaker.

3. The undisclosed source of income and something that made (John Marlowe) self important...
how about payments from Parr's widow, or granted to the Marlowes before Parr's death, or from relatives of William Parr...

4. School fees paid... see number 3, same thing.

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