Sunday, July 27, 2003


Things are really heating up in my town, and at the HLAS newsgroup as well. Both Art N. and a virulent Verean named Toby Petzold reject our hero out of hand, and another "contributor" Spam Scone (Neil Brennan), a true-blue Strat who appears to "have it in" for mild-mannered Peter Farey, the darling of the Marlovians. Although I'm extremely busy with more demanding (though not more important) projects, I'll try to take time to respond, even though I've long ago learned that some people in the group have closed minds on the subject of who wrote the poems and plays of (the concealed author) Shakespeare, and Marlowe is on the outside of the door of possibility for them. Since few of them have literature training or PR background, why waste time? I'm content to agree to disagree, but when untrue claims are made, I'm obligated to speak up, as time permits, since I am "the keeper of the Marlovian flame." (ref: blog #1)

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