Sunday, March 16, 2003

The Marliad: a 'rap epic'

Selections here.

New newsletter in the works

The previous one is here.

Shakespeare Authorship Newsgroup Greetings

Hi to the gang at HLAS (humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare) the Shakespeare Authorship newsgroup I'm looking forward to rejoining for awhile to hash out The Marliad, and follow up on some long ago threads with one or two people.

Charles and me

Or should it read Nicholl and eye?
I've just obtained the revised edition of Charles Nicholl's masterpiece of historical literary detective non-fiction, The Reckoning, and discovered my name in the acknowledgments in the front of the book. An entire sentence! This is it.

"Greetings to David More of the Marlowe Lives! Association: keeper of the flame on which burns the old chestnut of Marlowe's authorship of Shakespeare."

Since I'm keeping the flame, I should fan it.

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